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Leader: I am a covenant child of God who fully believes in the biblical principle of tithing.

People: I choose to bring my tithes unto the altar of God faithfully, consistently, and honestly.

Leader: I realize that tithing is not an act of faith but it is an act of obedience.

People: I covenant with my heavenly Father to be a person of integrity in regards to financial stewardship.

Leader: It is a primacy concern for me that Upper Room Ministries does not lack in any area.

People: I choose to covenant with God and stand in agreement with the leadership of Upper Room Ministries by pushing the vision through the tithes and offerings.

Leader: Based on my covenant relationship with the Lord I decree open heaven over my life.

Leader & People: Finally I speak total victory over my spirit, would, and body because I choose to be a either.

Donations electronically sent to Upper Room Ministries Church of God in Christ

3090 State Route 59 Ravenna, Ohio 44266